Darryl Long

I am an Australian Games Programmer, currently studying at SAE Institute, ever since I was a child growing up and spending hours on hours playing games with my brother I always wanted to create games and give that same experience back to others.

I previously graduated from UQ with a Bachelor of IT/Commerce and began working in the IT industry. After working for a time, I decided to follow my dream and passion of making games for a living. I learnt a lot through my time studying at UQ and working and it helped clear my head as to what I really want to achieve in my life.

I have experience working with Unity and coding in C#, additionally having experience in multiple coding languages such as C++, C, JavaScript, MySQL and PHP. In addition to this, I have experience with the Agile development cycle as well as version control such as Git or SVN. I am an extremely motivated person and given the opportunity will have a high work ethic, I've worked in multiple groups successfully and am keen to work with and learn from others. I am always looking to improve myself and learn from my mistakes in order to improve my hard skills and my skills as a person.